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Running everyday meetings on Zoom and Teams may be second nature by now, but how do you handle large-scale, multi-day events with hundreds of participants around the world?

The technical and logistical challenges are many, but the biggest conundrum is how to reproduce the social buzz and networking opportunities of an in-person conference.

We spoke to HR leaders from three different sectors to discover how they’ve addressed these challenges and to gather their insights on what works – and what doesn’t.

Running successful company events online


We know diverse teams are more successful, and that goes for age diversity too. But when different generations come together in the workplace, their language can be very different. For example, younger employees are often offended by terms like “the girls in the office”.

What is appropriate language in the office? How do you tread the fine line between appropriate language and policing banter to the point that you sterilise the office culture? Can people be disproportionately sensitive? Can people be insensitive dinosaurs? We asked HR leaders across sectors for their take.


Social norms at work how to deal with a clash of generations and educate employees on appropriate language compressed



Sustainability will have a major impact for HR. It's high up the CEO's agenda in terms of how the business is positioned, and also in terms of attracting and training talent for the future.

With more and more companies now creating high-level roles specifically focused on sustainability, what are the implications for HR – and if you want to make greener choices as an HR leader, where do you start?

We brought HR leaders across sectors together for a question and answer session with Darran Messam, a non-executive director and remuneration committee chair focused on the energy, transport and sustainable development sectors.

The sustainability agenda and its implications for HR with guest speaker Darran Messam compressed


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