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A year on from the murder of George Floyd, the conversation around diversity and inclusion has evolved tremendously. But how do you start the conversation with those who are resistant to hearing it? How do you move from conversation to action when your talent pool is notably short on diversity? And are Britain, the US and Europe even talking about the same thing?

We gave HR leaders from across sectors a chance to bring their most pressing diversity questions to Annmarie Dixon-Barrow OBE of Annmarie Consulting.

With two decades of experience and seats on several boards, including the Open University, Camden ITec, LAMDA and The League of Mercy, Annmarie is one of the world’s leading diversity experts. She specialises in developing innovative programmes to get diverse professionals into roles commensurate with their academic qualifications. Here’s what she had to say.

Hiring strategies for diversity and inclusion Q A with expert Annmarie Dixon Barrow


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