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Executive talent is the lifeblood of any business; setting strategy, motivating teams, delivering growth and driving change. So hiring the best, whether permanent or interim, in a timely fashion can set your business apart. Aston Fisher understands this and applies its extensive resourcing experience in an agile and collaborative manner to identify the very best candidates with the right skills, experience and chemistry for its clients. We are a driven, highly collaborative team, passionate about what we do. We pride ourselves on being genuine partners to clients and candidates, pro-actively delivering outstanding results, over and above expectations every time.

HR Digital Transformation: 6 Steps & 6 Tools

Only 9% of Chief HR Officers feel their organisation is prepared for the future of work, according to Gartner.

If you don’t want to lose to those who are prepared, you need to transform. Your HR operational processes need to be data-driven and automated.

But according to Deloitte’s Human Capital Trends report, HR digital transformation is not just about transforming your operations. It’s also about transforming your workforce and the way they work. To succeed, it needs to involve your whole organisation.



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